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At Source, our mission is to spread joy and love over healthy desserts for the body. We genuinely believe a raw vegan lifestyle feeds your mind and body. We believe that the hallmark of true innovation is not just the ability to produce superior tasting desserts, but ones that are also healthy and bring a lot of joy while eating them. 


Since the beginning, our idea started by wanting healthy desserts for kids. Starting from this thought, we created cakes & sweets that are free of any processed ingredients, including refined sugar and they contain whole-food alternatives like fruits, nuts and agave syrup. Being true to ourselves, putting passion in every order we make, while working only with high quality ingredients are and will be always our core values.


We aspire to bring creativity to food so people can find comfort in our desserts and seek new 
experiences. We aim to give our community the knowledge it needs to make informed 
purchasing decisions.

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