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Our desserts are handcrafted fresh & made to order.


All the  orders (outside our delivery zone) are accepted 24/7 by our system. We kindly ask you to let us a note if you want the order delivered outside our working hours. 

Time Sensitive Events: When should I order?

Outside of busy holiday seasons, we can have an order arrive on any exact date. We highly recommend ordering minimum of 2 days early. All products are guaranteed to arrive fresh and in the best shipping conditions.

Derivery fee (for Copenhagen): 35 dkk

Outside Copenhagen: 60 dkk


​Each and every one of our desserts is a unique work of art, and yours will be no different. We want to make sure that when your dessert is picked up, it will be exactly what you ordered, and that you are happy with our work. If for any reason you are unhappy with any aspect of your dessert, we want to make it right, right then and there. To assure you get exactly the product you are hoping for, we offer a few suggestions:

1) Cancelation Policy:

Cancelation of cake  orders require a minimum of 24 hour advance notice.

2) Responsible Party:

Whenever possible, it is best to have the person who ordered the cake, pick it up. Only then can you be certain that we have met your expectations.

3) Logistics:

When picking up and transporting your cake/dessert, we recommend preparing a clean flat area, preferably in the trunk of the car, or in the rear of an SUV. Placing cakes/desserts on the seat, or having someone hold them is not recommended.

4) Proper Care and Handling:

While most of our products are best enjoyed at room temperature, they should however be stored under refrigeration in most cases. Bring the product out about an hour prior to service time to allow for some tempering.

5) We’re in this Together:

If anything is not right with your dessert, we want to fix the problem and speed you on your way. This is most easily done when problems are detected at pick up, and we have some time to make it right for you. Each and every person on our staff wants you to be delighted with our products and service, and we are committed to that goal.

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